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I Adore THEE

It suffices to say that it makes my day just to have a glimpse…

…a glimpse of those two eyes that have always mesmerised me. The smile on the face sometimes naughty, sometimes knowing, sometimes waiting to explode with joy, sometimes just assuring… Just a look into those beautiful eyes assures me that all shall be well, it tells me that I am cared for and loved.

Ever imagined an obese body, with an elephant head on it? Doesn’t form a pretty picture, does it? Yet every single form that this combination is depicted in brings forth a smile when the form is of our favourite Bappa. Yes, Ganesha depicted in any form, from abstract or ornate is just so adorable and cute.

The form of Ganesha has a meaning; everything associated with HIM has a meaning. Let us see what HE says to us just with his form alone. An Elephant head (Gajanana) denotes great knowledge, elephantine ears (ShoorpaKarna) denote the ability to “Listen”, and small eyes (PinjarNayan) denote farsightedness and attention to detail. The curved trunk (VakraTunda) represents the ability to stretch and go beyond one’s ability to deliver. Large tummy (Lambodar) indicates the ability to assimilate and process information from all sources. Four hands (Chaturbhuja) denote the ability to multitask with efficiency. One Tusk (EkDanta) denotes the singularity of purpose. The mouse at HIS feet indicates the ability to keep ones vices under control at all times and not to let them overpower us.

He is seen holding a Goad (Ankush), a Noose (Paasha), a battle axe (Parashu), a lotus flower (Padma), and HIS most favourite Sweetmeat the ‘Modak’. What do these tell us?

The Goad, as it helps push a beast ahead, tells us to always keep on going no matter what circumstances we are in. The Noose tells us to check our actions lest we do things we may have to regret later. The Battle-axe tells us to be sharp and ever ready for anything we face in life. The Lotus flower tells us to rise above the everyday muck we see all around us and be a better person. The ‘Abhaya Mudra’ right palm held upright assures to be fearless as HE is with us, always. Last but not the least the Modak tells us to always be blissful not only for oneself but also for others.

There are many meanings that can be associated with HIS form and being, the above mentioned ones are but a few which we can derive and apply to our daily lives and become better individuals. The eleven day festival of Ganesha is round the corner, the next time you see HIM think of these virtues which have been so intrinsically associated with HIS form and let us promise ourselves to adopt them for our own benefit.