Moong & Kairi #Chutney, #Pacchadi


A humble, easy to make chutney which goes well with chapatis, white steamed rice & rasam, and even as a bread-spread!


  1. 1 cup – Raw Mango diced
  2. 1½ cup – Moong Dal soaked
  3. 5pcs – Green Chilies
  4. 4pcs – Dried Red Chilies
  5. ½ Tbsp. – Mustard seeds
  6. ½ Tbsp. – Cumin seeds
  7. ½ Tbsp. – Urad dal seeds
  8. 8-10 – Curry leaves
  9. 2-3 pinches of Heeng (asafetida) powder
  10. 1½ Tbsp. – Vegetable oil
  11. Salt to taste

Coarsely grind the first 3 ingredients and salt. Transfer the paste into a serving bowl.
Heat oil in a small wok and add Mustard seeds and let them splutter. Now add Cumin seeds, Urad dal, Dried Red chilies and curry leaves. Roast a bit and add Heeng (asafetida) powder. Turn off the stove. Add this to the ground mixture in the bowl. Mix gently.
The Chutney is ready to serve.


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