Q – what is the greatest activity for loving the God?

A –

What do we do when we love someone?
We trust the person, we take care of the person, we love and respect those important to the person, we remember the person constantly, we do as he says/pleases, we are there for the person knowing that he/she is there for us too.

Similarly if we are in love with God then, we should trust God completely without a strand of doubt, care for God as if he were your own kid, friend, parent, spouse., love Gods creation as in nature, humans, and animals., be in a state of constant remembrance of God, consciously do things that shall please him as in be true to urself in thought, speech, and action, Know that God is always there for you, no matter what and you be there for God by having faith.

Loving God is simple and is safe too as in there is no chance of a heartbreak!


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