Q – What are the meanings of the following names of LORD SHIVA ?

1- Bhoot Nath
2- Nataraja
3- Ardhanarishwara
4- Mahamrityunjaya
5- Akshara

A –

1- Bhoot Nath – Shiva is called Bhootnath as we all are bhoots (ghosts read the aatmic forms) and he is the paramatma hence the lord (nath). Also bhoota refers to the panchamahabhootas which are the basic elements comprising this universe and Shiva being above all beyond all and in control of all is called Bhootnath.

2- Nataraja  – The king of Natyashastra, the propounder of it is Nataraaj. Shiva is synonymous to the Naad Brahma and Naad is the origin point of everything else in the universe including dance and music, the cosmic dance we see all around us of the celestial bodies are all odes to Him and hence he is Nataraaj. Also Shiva is the greatest proponent of the dance form so engrossed and enthralled by it and by it that when he is happy he bestows happiness and prosperity all around by his AnandaTandavam, and when he is enraged he can cause havoc just as easily by his Tandava.

3- Ardhanarishwara

The Parambrahma who manifests itself in both the male and the female forms for the continuance of the universe, in physical forms (male) and their inherent energies (female), is an embodiment of the physical prowess as well as feminine beauty alike, hence He is the Ardhanaareeshwara. This form of Shiva goes on to enunciate the importance of the feminine putting it on an equal pedestal with the male. it is said – “shakti ke bina Shiv, Shav hai.”

4- Mahamrityunjaya

Mrityu or death is one thing which no one can escape and hence feared, but the Lord’s blessings and knowledge makes it easy for us face it and overcome the fear of death. And the Lord Himself is beyond death and the cycles of death and when we immerse ourselves completely in Him is when we too transcend beyond the cycle of death, hence Shiva is called Mahamrityunjaya the once who is capable of guiding us through the cycles of death to attain moksha.

5- Akshara

As the Naada Bramha Itself, Shiva is the proponent of sound itself and hence the written form of the sound hence called Akshara.
Also Akshara as a word means complete in itself and thats what Shiva is. he is the Absolute.

which one is your favourite?

Out of these Akshara is my favourite as it tell me that Shiva is absolute so all other names and meanings merge into this one.


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