Q – Shiva is shava without shakti … What is the esoteric meaning?

A –

“Shakti ke bina Shiva Shava hai”

This sentence not only has deep meanings hidden in it but also echoes the importance of Shakti (the feminine).

Shiva, without Shakti, as material manifestations is equivalent to things which are “jada”. It is only after Shakti pervades in is when “Jada” becomes “Chaitanya” and worthwhile. The panchamahabhootas with which the entire creation is said to be made of has no meaning if these panchamahabhootas dont have their inherent energies. These, with the material they constitue and the energies they carry together, are useful and result in “shristi”.
Hence as a bulb without electricity, a flower without its fragrance, a body without the soul have no meaning, so does Shiva have no meaning without its feminine half Shakti. they both compliment to make Shiva, Shiva, and Shakti, Shakti.

This philosophy gives equal importance to the feminine so much so that it makes it important for the existance of the other.

A karta without a karaka is meaningless as the karak defines karta, and karta is essential to the karaka to be a karaka.

A meaning of the eternal bond of love is also enunciated by this sentence. A “Purush” without “paurush” is of no use, and this “paurush” comes to him with the advent of “prakriti” in his life. Thus this sentence helps to understand the importance of “prakriti” for a “purush” and hence their eternal bond.


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