Q – What exactly is a mantra and how does it work?


A Mantra is essentially a phrase which calls upon a specific deity (energy concentrate). A mantra can be said to be a formula in spoken terms of the presiding energy. It is formulated in such a way that the phonetics involved while speaking that mantra aloud emits sound waves and frequencies which call upon the specific deity.

The working of Mantra can be explained thus –

Mantras when chanted in a frequency to be heard just by the speaker are so designed that they emit positive sound vibrations within our skull first, and then around us. These vibrations have a direct impact on the water content of our physical selves and invigorate the entire mechanism generating overall positive atmosphere. This in turn releases body healing hormones and secretions from the endocrine system which have a beneficial effect on the physical body which in turn signals for a happy state of mind or bliss!

Ever played music on your earphone while working? Sometimes it so happens that time flies by, and you are in a zone totally cut off from your surroundings just doing what you are supposed to be doing then.

Same is with any Mantra. Sahaj mantra is a mantra which is essentially a naam mantra by definition, the way it works is that by constant chanting it creates a loop. Once the loop is created of the sound the mantra produces, our mind syncs with it and our body follows the same rhythm. Thus the person gets into a state of constant where no random thoughts cause deviance and disturbance, This state of constancy is the meditative state when we can channelise our energies to do what we want.

Potency of a Mantra –

Any mantra is as potent as the person chanting it. Mantra is dormant as such. it is the individual’s sincerity of thought and purity of mind and intentions that give potency to the mantra and its chanting. Thus any mantra becomes activated and has its effects on the surroundings.

Ever read a mantra that you know on your own? And then have you chanted the same mantra in a group or have heard the same mantra recited by a group of learned priests? You shall notice the difference in effect caused by all these instances of chanting of the same mantra.

Any Mantra thus derives its power from the person using it. Mantras are all the same in their dormant form.

On an academic note, Beeja mantras are supposed to be most powerful when compared to Naama mantras. Mantras combined with relevant Yantras and tantra are powerful still, the prerequisite being proper and in depth knowledge to conduct the ritualistic aspect as well as a deep understanding of one’s own level of awakening w.r.t. the Kundalini.


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