Q – “many Hindu God’s is a subject of the pride for the Hindus” but How can you say that it is true?

A –

“Many Hindu Gods” This has been a topic of concern and a reason quoted by many here to say that Hinduism is bad n all.

Hinduism is a faith that believes equally in the principles of ‘Dvaita’ and ‘Advaita’ the principles of Dualism and Non-dualism. Hinduism’s basic belief is that there is only one ‘Bramhan’ and the rest of the universe is its manifestation.

Hindu’s take pride not in having too many Gods to be worshipped but in the freedom given to them by their faith to follow whichever God, path, and way of worship, to realize the ultimate truth i.e. ‘Bramhan’. All are free to worship/adore/like/follow whichever manifestation they feel close to ultimately realizing the ‘Bramhan’.

That FREEDOM is definitely a matter of PRIDE.


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