Earth, again?


Earth is mine
time and again as i’ve treaded
eons past and to come
I shall tread again…
It bore me and cuddled
it lifted me and held
taught me and trained
shall rest in its bosom again…

I’ve tasted it
and Devaki saw
the universe looking for mud
when as Ganga
I had touched
and it began to sway
when a chunk of it
I held and flew
for Laxman to survive
when my Vaman feet
covered it all
and it breathed in respite…

its given me all
a mother’s lap
a father’s heart
a brother’s support
a sisters’s company
a lover’s embrace
a child’s exuberence…

I’ve fed it my sweat
I’ve fed it my blood
and it gave grains in return
I’ve stomped it,
I’ve defiled it
it still held me with concern
I’ve left it
I’ve flown away
to look at it in awe
everytime I’ve done a thing
it always witnessed all…

Now as I write
I can feel
its warmth under my soles
and when you read
my lines you shall
feel its care in your souls…

shall love to come back yet again, and again, and again…


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