Q – Did you learn anything from any other religion……? from other religion than your own ?

A –

Yes, I’ve learnt…

The Singularity of Purpose to serve GOD in whatever way one can from Islam
The Significance of Forgiveness from Christianity.
The Highest levels of Self Discipline from Jainism.
The Spirit of Upholding the Right and fighting for it not only for your own religion but also for fellow bretheren of other religions from Sikhism
The Opportunity Given to every single one of us to become a ‘Buddha’ from Buddhism.
To be in Constant Remembrance from Atheism (They never forget to denounce GOD, I never forget to LOVE GOD).
To be Open, Welcoming, and Tolerant towards all belief systems and have the Freedom to choose one’s own path on one’s spiritual quest from Hinduism.


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