Q – Being Alone vs. Loneliness??


alone I came in this world
and shall go alone,
only hope for when I leave
there’s someone who mourns,
by my deeds I hope to touch
a million lives that live,
heart my knows this for sure,
just one is enough to have flown.

loneliness and me
have been always together
I share my life with loneliness
and its with me to caress
whenever shadows come n go
whenever mirages fall apart
all i have is my loneliness
that stands by me and holds my heart.

well in retrospect, everyone is alone as an individual, as a person he is alone in his fights and battles in life, people come and go in our lives but we are still we, a bit affected, a bit changed, but still alone as ourselves…

loneliness is what one gets into, willingly or unwillingly, it is acquired, even when you are with someone you can be alone, but for loneliness you have to forcibly detach even your thoughts from yourself.


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